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Papers in the following categories will be considered for publication:

  1. Theoretical or applied articles dealing with interdisciplinary subjects on science and religion.
  2. Research articles that have relevance to interdisciplinary dialogue, studies, or advanced research in one of the following interdisciplinary domains:
    1. Systematic Theology, Hard and Natural Sciences
    2. (fields: Systematic Theology, Mathematics, Theoretical Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biology, Genetics, Geophysics, Ecology, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Philosophy of Science)
    3. Religious Anthropology, Hermeneutics and Human/Socio Sciences
    4. (fields: Religious Anthropology, Anthropology, hermeneutics, social psychology, sociology, cultural studies, theories of arts, media sciences)
    5. Religious Ethics, Bioethics and Medical Sciences
    6. (fields: Medical Sciences, Behavioural Sciences, Personal Development Sciences, Bio-ethics, Law, Genetics, Neurology).
  3. Reactions to current or past journal articles.
  4. Reviews of relevant books from the field of psychology and theology.

Submission Information

  1. Send three typewritten, double-spaced hard copies of the manuscript or a computerized copy in Microsoft Word, which can be mailed on a floppy disk to the address (see contact). The author should also sent the papers as an e-mail attachment to submission.jirrs@gmail.com
  2. A standard font such as Times New Roman 12 should be used.
  3. Two of the three copies should delete the author’s name on the title page, etc., for purpose of blind review. All 3 copies should have an abstract of no more than 150 words (summary of the thesis and major findings); number all subsequent manuscript pages.
  4. If accepted, the author will be required to submit a computerized copy in Microsoft Word, which can be mailed on a floppy disk to the above address, or sent as an e-mail attachment to submission.jirrs@gmail.com
  5. Authors should use endnotes. Each note must have a unique number.
  6. Spell out all authors' first and last names at first mention. In the References (Bibliography), provide authors' last name, first name and middle initial. For books, provide City and Publisher. For edited volumes, indicate also name of the editor. For essays in edited volumes, provide inclusive page numbers. Foreign-language titles should have English translation in brackets. For journal articles, indicate Volume Number, Issue Number and inclusive page numbers (from - to). For magazine or newspaper articles, indicate dates (day, month, and year), and pages.
  7. Avoid submitting a manuscript which has been published previously or is being considered simultaneously for publication in other journals. If the manuscript is rejected by the Journal, it may then be submitted to another journal.
  8. Limit the manuscript to 20 double-spaced pages excluding tables, figures, and references or 6000 words excluding endnotes.
  9. Include an abstract (if typewritten, please include it on a separate sheet of paper.)
  10. Articles should be in Microsoft Word, and should be in English, French or German. The articles in English should have their abstract in French or in German, while the articles in French or German should have their abstract in English.
  11. Include the following current vita information for each author: address, title, degree(s) and institution(s) where earned, and specialization(s).
  12. Include telephone number, fax number, and electronic mail address if available.
  13. Tables, figures, and references should be at the end of the manuscript. Annexes should be add at the end.
  14. Figure captions should be provided as a list at the end of the manuscript text.
  15. Authors are required to also send the tables and figures as individual electronic files (JPEG or TIFF format, at least 300 dpi resolution).
  16. JIRRS editors encourage authors to build on, and connect with relevant ideas and articles in previous JIRRS volumes.
  17. Authors may also send their manuscript as an e-mail attachment to submission.jirrs@gmail.com. In this case, 2 copies are required, one bearing and one not bearing the name of the author, for the same purpose of blind review.
All submitted manuscripts will be acknowledged promptly and processed as quickly as possible. The initial review process generally requires a minimum of three months. The time span between initial submission and appearance in print of accepted manuscripts is approximately six months, or as forthcoming article backlog allows.

E-mails will be sent to all members of various professional organizations alerting them to a new paper of special interest. All registered users of the JIRRS web site will be notified whenever a new paper is posted.

All articles will be copy-righted by JIRRS, but authors are granted the right to reprint an article in whole or in part in any work written (or coauthored) or edited (or co-edited) by them. Others than authors must obtain written permission from JIRRS to reprint or electronically distribute an article.

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