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Systematic Theology, Philosophy, Hard and Natural Sciences

Turning to account, from the viewpoint of Theology and Philosophy, of current data from Physics, Astrophysics, Quantum Mechanics, but also Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Neuroscience, as far as it concerns what Theology calls rationality of Creation. The topics refer to aspects of metaphysics and gnoseology such as the space-time nature, matter-energy nature, information nature, living systems, conscience nature or cognitive processes nature, language nature, the meaning and the signification.

Religious Anthropology, Culture, Hermeneutics and Humanities Sciences

The research themes of this field refer to subjects concerning the education, culture, society and global phenomena. The topics will be about learning, the emotion control, interpersonal relations, creativity, love, family, religious experience, personality formation and development. As well, attention is paid to the relation Philosophy, Theology and Religion, to the relation between cult and culture, art and sacred art. It is in view the interdisciplinary evaluation of forms of religious manifestation, of media society, of contemporary culture, of globalization, of consumerism.

Bioethics, Medical Sciences, Religious Ethics and Ecology

The topics of this field refer to relation between the biological life and the spiritual life of man, between health of the body and health of the mind. On the other hand, attention is paid to relations such as those between the potential of bio-technologies and human dignity, or between medical, classical or naturist therapies and spiritual life practices. As well, attention is paid to the problems which have in view the relation between Man and Creation, and also to evaluation of the effects which exploitation of planet reserves, industrialization have on environment, on ecosystem or on education, spiritual or social life.

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