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State  University „AL.I. Cuza” of Iasi

State University „AL.I. Cuza”  is the first in the top of the education institutions in Romania as it regards research in 2005 and also in 2006. At present it has more than 900 teachers and researchers as well as an important infrastructure. Our university researchers and professors’ research work is present in the top publications in various fields of research in the whole academic world.

State University „AL.I. Cuza” is the oldest university education institution in Romania. It has developed a more than 140 year activity in Sciences and in Humanities. The Faculty of Orthodox Theology was founded in our university in the very beginning, being the oldest institution of theological high education in Romania. In time, AL.I. Cuza” University has gained prestige and developed partnerships with the most known education institutions in the entire world.

„AL.I. Cuza” University is the second in size in Romania. At present it has 16 faculties that cover a wide range: from sciences and Philology to Physical Training, numerous Bachelor’s Degrees, doctorates and post-doctoral programs. There are over 36,000 students in our University every year.

„AL.I. Cuza” University is placed in Iasi and is one of the biggest university centers in East Europe. Here there are, besides our university, more than 10 state and private universities, that cover all the education fields, from Arts and Music to Constructions, Architecture, Agronomy or Polytechnics. This represents an excellent environment to develop cooperation in research and competition for quality. In all these universities of our town there are schooled over 100,000 students per year.

„AL.I. Cuza” University considers the programs of research, of quality increase and of education diversification a priority. In 2006, our university received a 1.5 million dollar financing from the Romanian Government as part of a program for infrastructure development in research. A major part of these funds will be headed towards interdisciplinary projects in sciences.

We are fully interested in supporting the project regarding the publishing of the Journal for Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science. We consider the journal a chance to also develop the interdisciplinary research component regarding Religion and Science.

Also, a great part of our faculties already want to take part in this project and are represented at the highest level. Even more, we are convinced that this publication represents an invitation for many local and national academic resources, but also for many of our partners from the abroad research institutions. We consider that this publication could be a way of valuing the spirituality and Orthodox Theology patrimony in the dialogue between Science and Religion. On the other hand, through the foreign partners, the publication could encourage the whole theological and Romanian environment to participate in the new research and knowledge project up to the highest academic standards.

Through such an interdisciplinary project in Religion and Scince, „Al. I. Cuza” university may bring its history prestige in the Romanian university area, the orthodox theological education, the top quality of the academic research, partner institutions and scholar-contributors at a local, national and international level and a major impact in the local, national and international theological and academic environment.

We support the Journal for Interdisciplinary Research on Religion and Science project of the „Al. I. Cuza” university and we hope you will join us.

Prof. PhD Dumitru Oprea, Rector,
State University Al. I. Cuza Iasi

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